To move the world, we must move ourselves
— Socrates

What's the difference between Counselling and Coaching?

Counselling is a process of self-understanding and change to release us from negative thought and behaviour patterns.

Coaching, or life coaching, is a goal oriented process intended to help people achieve their deepest aspirations through acquiring new skills or confidence.

Sometimes the two approaches can work very well together.


What can coaching offer me?

Coaching has become incredibly popular over recent years, and it now comes in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you find the right coach, with real experience in the skills that interest you.

Find a coach who can offer you the skills you want. Communication skills are foundational to success in relationships, employment and all aspects of life. For many clients, sessions on interpersonal relationship building, focusing on voice, body language, emotional strength and confidence can lead to profound change and growth, and major life or career advancement.

Find a coach with experience. Ask a potential coach how much experience they have in training people in the skills that interest you. Remember that anyone can call themselves a coach, but if your coach has no real experience, you wont get the outcomes you are looking for. Look for a coach with a track record in delivering the skills that lead to success, happiness, love, or whatever it is you seek. Look for someone with a wide range, and a depth, of professional experience.

Beware that just about anyone can get a life coaching qualification online, this article provides further considerations


What can counselling offer me?

Counselling can be useful in so many ways - it is not simply problem-solving or advice-giving. The process can be life changing, leading to making better decisions and taking important actions. It all starts with finding the counsellor that is right for you.

Find a counsellor that feels right. Could you sit with this person for an hour or two per week for a period of a month or two? Do you feel you can relate to them as an equal? Could you talk freely with them? It’s important to follow your instincts with these questions. Sometimes booking one introductory session is a good way to test the water. Finding someone that feels right is by far the most important consideration. 

Find a counsellor that knows the power of the counselling relationship. Does your counsellor seek their own counselling? A good counsellor understands all that can be gained from the counselling relationship and actively seeks this for themselves. Seeking a counsellor is not a sign of weakness, far from it. Any thinking individual understands the power in self-awareness. It leads to growth, and with growth comes wisdom.  

Find a counsellor with experience in the area you’re interested in. While some counsellors are able to successfully turn their experience to a range of subjects or issues, it is sometimes better to find a counsellor with experience in the particular subject that interests you. If you believe they may not fully understand what you are looking for, be proactive and ask lots of questions, such as: what do they know about the subject/issue? How would they plan to approach it?  How long would they expect the process to take?

This site lists some important considerations

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Do i have to commit to a certain number of sessions? 

No. People seek coaching or counselling for a variety of reasons. Some coaching/counselling relationships can last just a few weeks. Some can last a couple of months. Some people choose to attend less frequently but over a period of years rather than weekly. It all depends what you want out of the process.

How much does a session cost? and how long are they?

Standard sessions are typically 60 or 90 minutes, shorter or longer sessions can sometimes be arranged, depending on existing bookings. Fees for sessions vary depending on whether the service is one-on-one or for couples, and whether you have a concession card. Click here for a full list of fees.


Sometimes the hardest thing is making the first contact...

...but when you do, know that you are taking the first step toward creating the life that you want. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. All communications are strictly confidential.

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